it's OK to be different.  

I'm a contemporary theologian and ethicist.   To me, life is spiritual.  Everything from what we buy to politics, sexuality, nature, the places we love, how we think, what we feel, who we hang out with, what we do, even what and how we eat, has spiritual dimensions.  Theology cares about a whole lot more than narrow doctrines or religious beliefs.   Theology is holistic.  It concerns who we are and how we live in the world with other human beings and creation.   All of it points to what we truly love and what we worship.  


LIfe together in this world is our life-long project.  Learning to love ourselves and one another is life long.   Our current world and global-system are unjust and unsustainable.  We can do better.  That's the horizon of our spiritual life.


I grew up and continue to serve in a community called Community of Christ.  I strive to walk with Jesus because the Gospel story is a wild love-story.  But, following his life and teachings is life-long struggle. If we understand Jesus in his own time and community, his teaching and example are extraordinary.  They are a constant challenge.  Regardless of what we think or believes about Jesus, how he lived is a life-giving example anyone can follow. 

I'm a dad, friend, educator, minister, social critic, amateur musician, backyard mechanic, Great Lakes lover, lumberjack, outdoors enthusiast, road-tripper, Euchre player, cook, motorcyclist, and dog-lover. I like bleu cheese better than chocolate. 

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